Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Yokomo YZ-2 DTM2 Released!

Yokomo's YZ-2DTM2 1/10 2wd Off-Road Racing Buggy was designed for low, medium, and hi-traction dirt surfaces. Using the DNA from the highly successful YZ-2DTM, we have increased the kits performance and durability. Yokomo's YZ-2DTM recorded a perfect result at the 2017 IFMAR 1/10 Electric Off-Road World Championships in China with Yokomo Factory Driver Ryan Maifield TQ and Winning the 2wd World Championship!
Also, Yokomo Factory Driver Lee Martin qualified 2nd and finished 3rd overall for a great team performance. Yokomo has used that winning formula to produce this updated YZ-2DTM2 kit with all the quality, performance, and knowledge from our World Champion Team. 

■ New Front Gull Suspension Arm/New HD 5.5mm ball end
■ New S3 Rear Suspension Arm/ New HD 5.5mm ball end
■ New Aluminum Center Link for Dirt
■ New High Precision Aluminum Steering Bell Clunk 
■ New Lightweight 3 pad slipper for Laydown 3 gear box
■ New Graphite Battery Plate
■ New Gear Box Support
■ J Concept F2 YZ-2 bodyshell/Aero S type wing

■ Tungsten Ball Differential

New designed Gull type Front Lower Suspension Arm, and Aluminum Steering Bell Clunk with new Aluminum Center Link has made for low traction surface usage. 
Also, release new Large size Rod End & Rod End Ball and Hard type Bulk Head will enable the driver for more higher cornering speed with more quicker steering response.

For further improvement of traction performance, reviewed the roll rigidity of the chassis, 
and newly designed the gear box support. As well as upgrading the traction performance, 
cornering performance is greatly improved.

S3 Rear Lower Suspension Arm could precisely transfer the power to the road and move 
the machine forward. New Rear Suspension Mount  enable the driver to change kid angle, toe angle,Height Adjust. New rear Suspension Mount enable us to change, Skid Angle, Toe Angle, Height Adjust by replacing the bushing of the mount part. A big advantage in a tight schedule during the race event.

We are expecting to receive this kit in Malaysia soon. Please contact us for details.

Friday, March 16, 2018

New steering Gyro “RPG-302 V3”

The new gyro is the Racing Performer(RP) brand family, named as RPG-302 V3.  Conventional RPG-302 was well known as its best balance in high response as well as mild steering performance to achieve a realistic drifting angle. And now, new model RPG-302 V3 has a new feature , Adjustable Steering End Point.

The drivers are now possible to adjust the steering limit for right and left. independently in accordance with the surface environment and track layout.  Appearance of aluminum case has also updated, now chamfered edges are anodized with red color to show its specialty at the track.

The new gyro RPG-302 V3 will be the best choice for all type of RWD car, but also suitable for AWD(4WD) car which is more less steering angle due to the mechanical restriction.  By setting up the steering end point, even the AWD car can perform the realistic drift in safety operation. 

Product Name :  RP Drift Steering Gyro with steering limiter    
Product Code :   RPG-302-V3

<<Main Feature>>
  • Easy on setting up End point, push the set up button while in max angle for both side 
  • This RPG-302V3 is only for avail with 3ch Transceiver  
  • The 3rd channel must be a trim , If it is push button style, no avail to use V3  
  • Gain control is possible from the transceiver, easy to operate right and left independently
Please contact us for details.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Hobby Haven Malaysia Blog: We have moved!

Hobby Haven Malaysia Blog: We have moved!: Dear Customers and Friends, We have moved our office and retail shop to 3Stone Park in Glenmarie.  Our place in Pearl Point shopping mall w...

New place:

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Team SUZUKI Brass made Suspension Holder for BD-8 and YD-2 series

[Product information]
TS-2149 YD-2/BD8 Brass Sus holder A (39.5~42.7mm) 
TS-2150 YD-2/BD8 Brass Sus holder B (43.5~46.7mm) 
TS-2151 YD-2/BD8 Brass Sus holder C (46.4~49.6mm) 

This new suspension holder has released under Team Suzuki brand. 
It is the same shape but made by brass for gaining more weight to be functioned as vehicle weight balance items. 
By replacing with the standard holder, 7 to 8g heavier than pure aluminum made holders. 
Generally, optional weight is intended for align with the racing regulation, but it will effects the vehicles weight balance as well. 
In case of conventional steel parts, it requires extra space for installing on main chassis. 
By installing this brass made suspension holder, saving the space on chassis and capable for more effective weight balance 
setting to installing more heavy weight items at the front and rear overhang section. 
Installation and setting are the same as the standard parts by replacing 5 adaptors to find the best settings.

Please kindly contact us for information. Thanks.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Team YOKOMO YD-2SX Chassis Kit has arrived

This new YD-2SX is the chassis kit which has carbon chassis with high motor mount, but with full of optional parts which include new designed one. This is the high end competition machine at YD-2S family. The new motor mount is with 7 rotate point adjustable for very precise set up for the weight balance, and aluminum suspension mount is the push insertion type for the perfect suspension alignment. Chassis role will also possible to adjust in adapting aluminum front bulkhead for the carbon made main chassis. The most remarkable feature on this car kit is new designed aluminum Steering Bell Crunk. This particular parts capable for adjusting for the various Tread and Ackerman for the various type of driving style and track surface type as well. The bearings at steering wiper and center link are the press fit type to reduce the plays in order to achieve the racing style steering feels for RWD drifting. The gear differential drive cup are the aluminum made, and bone with plastic protector for sharpen response and rigid feels.

YD-2SX is the ultimate competition machine which has finished with the sharpen parts for the suspension, steering and drive train.

1st batch has arrived in Malaysia. Please contact us for details.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Plastic Bevel Gear Differential for YD-2 Series

Part No: Y2-500GSA

It uses a lightweight plastic bevel gear and further adopts a newly developed aluminum drive cup to realise high response gear differential. The weight reduction reduces the flywheel effect, and it also exerts great effect in improving the motor performance of the machine. 

The drive cup is made of hard-coated aluminum and also prevents wear by attaching a plastic adapter to the dog bone side.

Please contact us for details.

Aluminum adjustable steering bell crunk set for YD-2

Part No. Y2-202V

It is a variable aluminum steering bell crank that can be used in common with the YD - 2 series.  Corresponding to the wide tread of the front which is the mainstream of recent RWD drift, we set the width of the tie rod pivot part of the center link right and left, and widely set the width of the Ackermann ratio range greatly. In addition, by pre-press fitting the bearings, unnecessary backlash is reduced. By reducing excess steering wheeling during running, it improves operability and hunting, which is a malfunction of the steering gyroscope, is less likely to occur, and as a result it is possible to set the gyro gain high. 

Driving stability increases dramatically.

Please contact us for details.


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